5 simple tips to start a journaling routine

Journaling can help you with a lot of things: It can clear your thoughts, create more mindfulness and even support you when dealing with trauma. No matter why you choose to start journaling, one thing is always important, and that is consistency. Establishing something new as a routine is not always easy. Here are a few tips how you can integrate this healing type of writing into your everyday life.

Treat yourself to nice accessories

Buy a notebook and a pen that you really like. You are more likely to grab a book you find pretty and a pen you can easily write with. That way, you get really excited about filling all the blank pages.

Don’t fear the blank page

You don’t consider yourself a writer and feel weird about just starting to write? Then maybe a book to fill in could be the right pick for you. In books like this, you will find questions and food for thoughts, or lists to complete with the possibility to write directly into the book. They are an awesome alternative for people who don’t like to write on their own.


Try different types of journaling

If you have chosen a notebook with blank pages, you have the choice: either just start writing, look back on the day, use journal prompts… the possibilities are endless! Gather some information about different methods of journaling and use those that are the most appealing to you. Maybe you will discover one that you stick with, maybe you like to switch back and forth – having a routine doesn’t mean that you have to use only one method.

Find the time of day that suits you best

Some people love to write in the morning, when the mind is still clear, others prefer to finish the day with a journaling session, and yet others like to write both in the morning and in the evening. Experiment a little and try writing on different times of the day. Find out what time feels best for you, but also when you are calm and relaxed, so that you don’t have to write in a rush.

Create a ritual

Just like with yoga, it is important to make your sessions enjoyable. There should be no distractions or interruptions, a nice atmosphere, a comfortable temperature, maybe a mug of tea, your favorite incense sticks… whatever helps you feel your best! When you establish a nice ritual, you will start to look forward to it and it will be easier to stay consistent.

Which of these tips are you going to try first? Do you need any more advice to start journaling? If yes, feel free to contact me – I’d love to help!

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