Hello you,

thanks a lot for stopping by on my blog!

Here, I write about my passions yoga, Ayurveda and journaling and give you some useful tips to implement these practices into your life. In the category “Life & I”, I also muse about life and its daily obstacles – always with a mixture of spirituality and humor.

My goal with this blog is to show that practices which might have a reputation of being too old and too spiritual are, in fact, very suitable for everyday use. I would like to make them as approachable as possible for you, even if you are a complete beginner. My texts are here to give you some inspiration about how to use these tools to make your life even more enjoyable.

But who is behind this blog?

My name is Dorothee and I am “the writing yogini”. Ever since I was able to hold a pen, I have loved writing, something I am now using to share stuff about yoga, Ayurveda, journaling and everything spiritual.

Facts about me

– I am a certified yoga teacher, journal therapist and ayurvedic counsellor.

– I am teaching chair yoga for seniors and absolutely love it.

– Books are the love of my life, and you will very rarely see me without one.

– My predominant dosha is Pitta.

– I’m all about authenticity – “real vibes only” instead of “good vibes only”, please!

– Healthy eating is a topic I love and promote, but I can’t live without French fries and chocolate

– I am the type of girl who will chant mantras with her yogi friends in an ashram one day and shake what her mama gave her to Daddy Yankee songs in a club the next day.

– I would describe myself as an “open-minded skeptic”: I don’t believe in just blindly buying everything you read, but I don’t see any harm in trying things that cannot be bad for you, but might have a weird reputation (yep, yoga and mantras, I’m looking at you!)

Education & certificates

Bachelor of Arts in “Foreign languages, cultures and business” (English, Spanish and business administration)

Yoga teacher (Yoga Vidya, 750hrs)

Business yoga (WAY Yoga)

Yoga for seniors (Yoga Vidya)

Journal Therapy (Centre of Excellence)

Ayurvedic Counsellor (Veden Akademie)

Hopefully my articles will give you some interesting insights about yoga, Ayurveda, journaling and other cool spiritual stuff as well as everyday life. In case you have questions, feel free to reach out anytime!

Let’s connect! @the.writing.yogini