What suits whom? The doshas in professional life

What criteria do you consider when you are looking for a job? Of course, things like salary, working hours and location play a role, but probably the most important thing is the job itself: Do the activities described match your qualifications and skills and – most importantly! – would you enjoy the task? What we find easy is not always what we enjoy. What kind of tasks we feel comfortable with depends strongly on our personality.

This is where your ayurvedic constitution comes into play!

Our constitution, our very own mix of the three doshas, determines not only our physical characteristics, but also our character traits. Put simply, Vata types are the creative artists, Pitta people are the ambitious organizational talents, and Kapha types are the empathetic social ones. However, it’s certainly clear that it’s not quite so black and white – few of us have just one dominant dosha and fully match its characteristics. If you want to learn more about the doshas and the concept of constitution, take a look here.

So, what does constitution have to do with my professional life?

The personality traits that are determined by your constitution also determine what is important to you and what brings you joy. Thus, it becomes clear with time whether you rather find pleasure in creative or in scientific activities; whether you prefer to work with people or for yourself alone, which subject areas interest you, etc. In addition, your constitution also determines which working conditions are good for you: Hectic, hot industrial kitchen or quiet, well-tempered office, for example. The way you work is also determined by your constitution, i.e., whether you tend to work in a structured way or whether you tend to work in creative chaos. Depending on these factors, you will either feel enthusiasm or think “hell no” when reading a job ad.

Which activities fit the individual Doshas?


The Kapha dosha represents reliability, loyalty, and caring. Kapha employees often stay loyal to a company for a very long time and appreciate a predictable routine. They are well suited as managers and generally as leaders, as they are very resistant to stress and difficult to upset. They often keep a cool head even in difficult situations. Because of their empathy and caring nature, they do well in professions in nursing and therapy, and as social workers. Here they can be caring and loving, which suits their personality. Kapha people can also feel comfortable in coaching and teaching professions, because they can help and teach others here as well. The patience that is typical of Kapha benefits them here.


Typical Pitta people are characterized by passion, drive, and determination. They work very precisely and attentively and have a good eye for details. Therefore, professions in engineering, as a programmer, or even as a proofreader are well suited for them – accuracy is required here. Professional athletes are also often Pitta people. This field combines physical activity and competitive orientation – both typical Pitta attributes. Kapha people may be particularly well suited as managers due to their rather calm and level-headed nature, but Pitta people are often found in these positions, as they climb the career ladder more quickly with their ambition and diligence. Without any Pitta traits at all, Kapha leaders would not last long in such a position.


People with a lot of Vata are creative, communicative, and enthusiastic. They flourish in professions where they can live out their artistic streak. Sales and marketing are well-suited, as they often have to juggle different projects at the same time – so the often volatile Vatas don’t get bored. However, teaching professions also suit them. Vata people are good with words and language and can thus transfer their enthusiasm for a subject well to others. Typical artistic professions such as painter or writer are classic Vata activities, because here the creativity characteristic of this Dosha can be fully lived out, but at the same time such activities often bring one into a meditative flow, which is good for Vata restlessness.

Professional life tips for the doshas


Kapha people appreciate familiar things and routines. In professional life, they run the risk of their constancy turning into stagnation. Listlessness and a feeling of being “stuck” can be the result. It is important for them to try something new more often – this does not have to be a new job, but can also be something smaller like a new working method – and to venture out of their comfort zone. Because high-Kapha individuals are very good-natured and like to take care of others, they could be taken advantage of if they don’t learn to set clear boundaries and say no sometimes. The ideal Kapha workplace offers security and clear tasks or responsibilities, but also a break in routine every now and then.


Pitta people would love to power through the whole day – but they should definitely pay attention to managing their energy and strength and take regular breaks so that they do not burn out. They are very competitive, so it’s good for them not to compare themselves with others all the time and in every situation. Patience and openness to other ways of working is also something worth learning for Pitta types, because with the nitpicking typical of Pitta, they often find it difficult to accept mistakes and methods that are different to their own. Patience also helps if you’re a Pitta colleague who gets irritated quickly. Jobs where there is heat should rather be avoided by Pittas – as cooks or construction workers in the summer sun they quickly get out of balance.


Vata people know flexibility inside out – but they have to learn consistency and structure and consciously integrate them into their daily routine. To-do lists and calendars are helpful for them. Notifications from e-mails should rather be turned off for concentrated work, because Vatas are very easily distracted. They run the risk of falling into a hectic state due to too little routine and breaks. It’s good to schedule lunch as a fixed appointment and always have enough water on hand. You should also be careful not to complete tasks too close to any deadlines in order to avoid the aforementioned hectic pace. Often, Vatas suffer from unstable immune systems. A work environment that requires to be outside in wind and weather is therefore rather unsuitable for them.

If you don’t feel comfortable in your job right now, you might ask yourself if you are really in an environment that is good for you. Maybe you’re in a noisy open-plan office, although lots of people and increased volume make you nervous? Or you have to make regular sales calls even though you’re more of an introvert? Question honestly whether your field of activity really matches your preferences and talents and whether the working conditions meet your needs. It can help to know your ayurvedic constitution. I wish you much fun and success!

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