Vacation “yogi style” – 5 reasons to go on a yoga retreat this year

Vacation season is right around the corner!

Of course, traveling is awesome all year round, but most people do their traveling during summertime. You too? Or are you rather waiting for fall to escape the chilly weather? And do you already have travel plans for this year?

No matter when you prefer to travel, if you’re a yoga aficionado, a yoga retreat might be just the thing for you. Maybe you have already been to one. I have been on several retreats and loved it every single time. But what is the difference between a yoga retreat and a “normal” vacation?

My top 5 reasons to do a yoga retreat this year

  1. Recharging, instead of just unplugging
    I like to compare us humans with mobile phones. When our mobile phones are low on battery, we hook them up to the charger immediately. We wouldn’t just turn them off and expect the battery to be recharged the next day. When our own battery is low, however, we tend to do just that: We hang around, watch TV, just because we don’t have the energy for anything else, and then wonder why our energy isn’t coming back. On a yoga retreat, your batteries will be purposefully recharged, with mindful movement, conscious breathing and healthy food. In most cases, you can take part in other activities besides yoga and meditation, for example vision boarding, journaling, painting or exploring nature with boat trips or hikes. Important: Your wellbeing is the focus, not ticking off a to-do or to-see list!

  2. A deeper immersion into the yoga world
    Even if you practice yoga regularly in your everyday life, it’s probably not as intensive as on a retreat. Usually, you practice twice a day on a retreat, plus, you do meditation and pranayama. That might sound a lot, but believe me – it doesn’t feel like that at all. It can give you an awesome push to practice intensively for a week or longer. Maybe you will deepen your love for yoga even more or you notice that you have made progress with specific asanas. That’s super motivating!
  1. Perfect for solo travelers
    If you’re traveling alone, but you don’t want to stay alone, a yoga retreat is perfect for you. You will find likeminded people who are also traveling alone oftentimes. Not only will you not remain alonw, but you also have something in common with the people around you immediately: you are all fans of yoga and wellbeing. That’s an awesome start for good conversations. And who knows, sometimes random travel acquaintances turn out to be friends for life.
  2. Beautiful locations
    People who decide to go on a yoga retreat are usually looking for relaxation. That’s hard to find in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a big city. Therefore, retreat center are typically located in beautiful locations offering a lot of nature and peace. Sometimes they’re even so secluded that you wouldn’t have found this spot otherwise.
  3. Suitable for everyone
    You’d rather not travel alone? Grab a good friend, your mom or your better half, even if your desired companion isn’t into yoga or brand new on the mat! Choose a beginner-friendly retreat, so that whoever is traveling with you won’t be demotivated, and chances are, they will get hooked, because after a week of intensive practice, you already feel the first positive effects and won’t want to miss them afterwards. Your travel buddy can’t be convinced? Not a problem! Most retreat centers offer travel companions who don’t want to take part in the program a respectively reduced price. That way, you can both do your thing during class and then tell each other about what you experienced.

Are you hooked now? Feel like going on a retreat this year? Then stay tuned, because the next blogpost is all about finding the perfect retreat for you!

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