Tarot & Co: Why I love oracle cards

„Just pull a card“, like a more spiritual version of a fortune cookie? Yes, that’s just one option to work with oracle cards, and a very simple one at that.

Cards like this have been very popular at parties when I was a teenager, nice little gag to see if you’ll pass the next exam or if the cute guy in the other class will recognize you one day. Nowadays, these aren’t my reasons to love oracle cards anymore, obviously, because my interests have changed – and so have I.

Today, I don’t own cards anymore that I got from girl magazines. The decks that I have now are carefully chosen, because they spoke to me and because they can enable me to work on myself or even on my spiritual path. There are numerous reasons to love these versatile cards. Here are mine!


Nowadays there is an incredible choice of oracle and inspiration cards: cards with animals, with fantasy creatures, with sayings and of course the classical tarot cards. All of them have one thing in common, and that’s that they want to give the person who’s asking a little more clarity about their questions. In doing so, they have different approaches. Some have a concrete saying which aims to inspire and give answers. Others use symbols and pictures. That way, everyone can find exactly the card deck that’s right for them or choose several options. I love the fact that I can just pull an inspirational quote when I don’t have a lot of time, and then do an elaborate spread when I do have the time and interpret the cards afterwards. Depending on personal preferences or your intention, you can get really creative here.


Yes, of course the cards aren’t there just to look pretty, but the fact that they do, is a huge plus in my book! You’re just way more likely to pick up cards that you like looking at. I just love cards that are designed carefully and with a love for detail. If there is a card that I particularly like, I love to look at it a little longer. That way, I might find little details I haven’t seen before, but fit my interpretation very well or even bring a little more clarity concerning the question I asked.

Lots of options to use them

A good friend asks me to read her cards for a problem? I want to start the day with an inspiring quote? My yoga and meditation practice should be given a specific theme? Do I need some food for thought for my journaling? I can use my different decks of cards for all this and much more. I choose a deck depending on what I feel like at the time and either take the time to lay a pattern or simply draw a card. This sometimes accompanies me through the day.

Food for thought

Let’s be honest: sometimes we simply don’t see clearly. We are so caught up in a merry-go-round of thoughts because we are so preoccupied with a particular issue that we miss the bigger picture. This is where cards can help. You can either ask a specific question and interpret a laying pattern or ask a general question such as “What am I overlooking?” or “What should I know about topic XY?” and then draw a card. It doesn’t matter whether you choose tarot cards, inspiration cards or other oracle cards.

The only important thing is that the deck you choose matches your current mood so that the card you draw speaks to you. Of course, you can also draw a card from different decks – it’s entirely up to you, your question and your mood! Then take a close look at the picture and the name of the card, read the handbook and think about the extent to which the card fits your situation. This will often stimulate thoughts that you had completely overlooked previously. 


Especially when you read cards for others and then ask them what they see in the card or how they interpret it, you often hear interesting answers. One and the same card can be interpreted so differently by different people that it is astonishing. This in turn reveals so much about the person in question and how they see the problem, which I find incredibly exciting. It’s also interesting to see how wide the scope for interpretation really is, especially if you’ve been working with the cards yourself for a long time and have perhaps always looked at some of them in the same way.

Have you worked with tarot or other cards yourself? If so, what do you like about it? Are you new to the subject and have questions? Then feel free to write them in the comments or send me an email.

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