The Doshas at the office – organizing the working day with the Dosha clock

You have probably already heard that the Doshas affect us in all situations of life. But do you already know about the dosha clock?

Just like our life phases, the times of day are also assigned to a certain Dosha, which dominates at this phase and then has a special effect on us. If you know when which dosha is active, you can not only make your day healthier in general, but also make the most of your workday. How? I’ll tell you now, using the example of a classic office day.

The start of the day

From 6 to 10 a.m. is the first Kapha phase of the day. As a reminder, Kapha Dosha stands for grounding, stability and building. However, it also represents inertia and stagnation – these qualities can make it difficult for us to get out of bed. Before 6 a.m., the active, flighty vata dosha is still active, which is why it is recommended to get up before 6 a.m. This way you use the movement affinity of Vata to start the day instead of struggling out of bed during the lethargic Kapha phase.

Since Kapha also stands for building, you lay the foundation for your day during these hours by eating a good breakfast. At this time your digestive fire is not yet very active, so breakfast should be warm, light and easily digestible. This way, your organism will save valuable energy that you can better use during work.

First appointments

Do you sometimes miss patience and composure in everyday life? These are typical Kapha traits that are usually more present during the Kapha phase. Take advantage of this by doing annoying busywork or having conversations with people that can be difficult during this time. Also, work that requires a lot of concentration and perseverance, but rather little creativity, you can do well in the Kapha time.

Morning – the fire is blazing

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. is the first Pitta phase of the day. The element fire is assigned to this dosha. It gives us energy, passion and assertiveness. You become more ambitious and sell yourself better. Thus, the Pitta time is ideal for introductions or sales talks and presentations. You need a lot of energy or enthusiasm for a task? No problem under Pitta influence! Now you are especially structured and organized and can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Time for a break

With all the Pitta-typical ambition, don’t forget to take care of yourself! During this phase, Agni, our digestive fire, is especially active. Therefore, this is the time for the main meal of the day. Your body can use food very well now, but make sure that your lunch is not too rich, so that you do not suffer a drop in energy in the afternoon. Many like to reach for a “light” salad, but our bodies need a lot of energy to digest raw foods. That doesn’t mean you have to give it up, though. If possible, combine it with something warm to make it easier to digest. Creamy dressings can also help.

Afternoon – ideas are bubbling up

From 2 to 6 p.m., the vata dosha is active. It stands for movement, creativity and communication. Therefore, it’s quite possible that you’ll have your best ideas now. Need to create something? Now is the perfect time to do it. However, you may find it harder to concentrate now. Use the rather fluttery Vata energy for brainstorming – you’re sure to come up with many ideas. You can still organize them later!

If you finish work at this time, use the movement phase for a little sport. The second Kapha phase is already approaching and provides a need for rest.

Evening – time to switch off

From 6 p.m. the next Kapha-dominated phase of the day begins and lasts until 10 pm. If you haven’t already done so, you should call it a day now, because Kapha dosha triggers the desire for rest, regeneration and relaxation. Exactly such activities are now also ideal to prepare you for the upcoming sleep. Take advantage of the rest that this phase brings to go to bed, because from 10 p.m. Pitta dominates once again. This could make you hungry or give you another energy boost – good if you want to work a night shift; not so good if you want to wake up fresh and rested the next day.

Learning to read the doshas in the office

When in balance, all three doshas give us great qualities that we can all use in the office. From Vata we get creativity, mental flexibility and communication skills. Pitta gives us passion, discipline, and competitive drive. Kapha provides the patience, composure and stamina we need. However, if the doshas are out of balance, this also manifests itself in professional life – often quite independently of the time of day.

Do you find it terribly difficult to concentrate? You catch yourself starting a task only to abandon it shortly afterwards and turn to another one? You would like to jump up from your chair because you can hardly stand sitting anymore? Then Vata has taken over. In this case, drop everything for a moment and find a quiet place. Take five minutes there to do a little meditation or just breathe calmly. If your urge to move is particularly strong, a walking meditation is also great to calm the Vata energy a bit. A warm drink can also help balance Vata, but don’t go for stimulating options like coffee or black tea.

Every word that others say in the office annoys or irritates you or even makes you angry? You can’t get on with a task, but you keep at it doggedly instead of turning to something else? Your patience is stretched to breaking point? Sounds like an excess of Pitta. If fire dominates, cooling down is the order of the day, for example with sweet fruits or even a fruit tea. Just as with Vata dominance, however, a short break, perhaps with meditation, does you good in this situation as well.

You have the feeling that you could fall asleep right at your desk? You don’t really feel like doing anything? You lack the drive to start a new task? A classic case of excess Kapha. Rip yourself out of lethargy by ventilating well and getting some exercise – ideally outside in the fresh air, but a few small exercises right at your desk will do the trick. Make yourself a lukewarm water with ginger and some cayenne pepper. The warmth and slight spiciness of this drink will gently rekindle your inner fire without making you jittery.

I invite you to observe yourself more often in your daily life – can you feel the effects of the dosha clock? In which form? Try to adjust your daily schedule accordingly and try to create balance in case of imbalances. I wish you a lot of fun and success!