Playlist of the Month: Summer Yoga

Summer is finally here! How is your yoga motivation during this time of year? Does it tend to increase because your energy levels are boosted by the nice weather? Or do you find it more difficult to stay on the ball on the mat because the outdoor pool & co. are simply too tempting?

Personally, I love practising yoga in summer. As a person with dominant pitta dosha, it’s very important for me not to roll out my mat in the blazing heat. I therefore prefer the early morning or later evening hours. A mindful start or end to the day with summer-friendly exercises is always really good for me.

What I also love when practising in summer is the right soundtrack. While yoga without any background music is also wonderful – and sometimes exactly what I need – I sometimes like to create a bit of a vacation atmosphere around my yoga practice. After all, the Pitta dosha that predominates in summer is also associated with discipline and seriousness – even doggedness. So why not counteract this with playful, summer-appropriate music?

Accordingly, you won’t find any ‘classic yoga music’ on today’s playlist. You might never have expected to find one or two songs on a yoga playlist. So it’s not really suitable for a meditative yoga session. Use the playlist to bring some playfulness into your yoga practice and feel like you’re on vacation. Even if summer takes a break, you can still get into the right mood on your mat.

I wish you lots of fun!

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