Playlist of the Month – Kapha Balance

Today’s playlist should wake you up from hibernation!

While most people are delighted every year when the days get longer again and you can see colorful flowers everywhere, there are also many who complain about spring fatigue. They can’t really get going, have an increased need for sleep and feel lethargic. As with so many everyday aches and pains, there is an Ayurvedic explanation for this too: springtime tiredness is a Kapha symptom!

Kapha Time

Spring is Kapha time in Ayurveda. This dosha is formed from the elements earth and water. It stands for stability, growth and firmness – but also for stagnation, inertia and heaviness.

So if you feel like you’re sagging a little, you could have a Kapha surplus.

Fortunately, Ayurveda offers numerous ways to balance imbalances: Diet, conscious movement, colors, scents… and music!

Balancing Kapha Dosha with Music

Today’s playlist for Kapha balance contains songs that have an invigorating and energizing effect. Fire up the playlist and get up – take a short walk, clean your home or do a short workout while listening to it. Let the music motivate you and shake you out of your lethargy!

No matter what you do while the playlist is playing – as long as you’re not sitting on the sofa 😊

Would you like more tips for the Kapha period? Then take a look here.

Have fun listening to the Kapha Balance Playlist!

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