Playlist of the month: Cozy Journaling

Anyone interested in personal development, mental health and sustainable stress management will sooner or later come across therapeutic writing or journaling.

The benefits are manifold: it helps to clear the mind, reduce stress and can support us with various goals. For example, a career journal can make an important contribution to improving or changing your professional life, while a dream journal can provide valuable insight into suppressed feelings.

Despite all these benefits, it’s not always easy to stay on the ball – and regularity is the key to effective journaling. Personally, I’ve found that I find it easier when I associate writing with other positive things. Music can be a big factor here. With the right soundtrack, I can get into the flow even better and get my thoughts from my head onto paper.

What makes a good journaling playlist?

For me, journaling music should be relaxing. The process of therapeutic writing is about switching off, and I like to be supported by chilled music.

I also don’t want the music to distract me from my writing. It can happen that you’re listening to music and suddenly a certain song lyric comes to mind that brings up a memory or association – and the flow of thoughts can be interrupted or an idea can vanish. That’s why I prefer music without lyrics when journaling.

Last but not least, the journaling soundtrack can also be catchy. While I usually don’t like it when every song sounds “similar”, this is more of an advantage for me when writing.

Try it for yourself!

The journaling playlist I’ve put together for you meets these criteria. You can expect half an hour of relaxing music that can help you get into the right mood and concentration and let your thoughts flow.

Let’s go – fire up the playlist, grab a pen and paper and get started! I wish you lots of fun.

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