Merry Christmas – Gift Ideas for Yogis and Yoginis

It’s not just in the run-up to Christmas that the question of “What should I give as a gift?” preoccupies us. Throughout the year, there are special occasions such as job changes, moves, weddings, and of course birthdays. Yet, it’s not so easy to always find something that will suit the person we want to give a gift to. If you have avid yoga practitioners in your circle, here come seven ideas for yogic gifts.

Oracle card sets

Those who are interested in yoga are also interested in getting closer to themselves and are often spiritual as well. This is exactly where oracle cards come in: This is by no means just about tarot cards! There are beautiful decks of cards with artistic motifs and various themes. These cards can be used as inspiration for journaling, to set an intention for the day, to align the yoga practice accordingly, and much more.

Healing stones or storage boxes for them

A very important leitmotif in yoga is healing. Various gemstones also contribute to this. Yoga enthusiasts often even have their favorite healing stones, which they often carry with them or keep in special places in their homes. If you have someone in your circle of friends who is new to stones, a starter set is a great option: a small selection of popular healing stones with a corresponding identification book that tells you what the stones are, what they can do, and how to handle them. If you want to give a gift to a die-hard gemstone fan and aren’t sure which stones they already have in their repertoire, a nice storage box might be a good idea.


Murtis are small figures of Hindu deities that play a role in yoga. Thus, they are more for spiritual yogi:nis. The catch here is that you should know which deity the person you want to give a gift to is attracted to. However, this is quite easy to find out by casually asking. Murtis come in different sizes and price ranges.

Incense and accessories

The scent of incense can significantly enrich your yoga practice. Here I mean not only the classic incense sticks, but also incense that is burned in specially designed stoves or with incense charcoal. If the person you want to give something to is a fan of incense, you could choose a pretty new incense holder. In the slightly higher price range are visually appealing teapots for loose incense. These come in a variety of sizes. A complete set is also a good choice: a fragrant incense blend, teapot, charcoal, and perhaps a book – ready is a wonderful gift.

Voucher for yogi (online) stores

Yes, a gift certificate is admittedly not very original, but let’s face it: some people are just very difficult to give gifts to, and just after the holidays, they’re scurrying around department stores to exchange a lot of things. For such cases, a gift certificate is quite wonderful. Maybe you keep it very general and choose a voucher from a big store for yogic needs, or you know a store that the person likes very much and purchase a voucher there. Also nice: vouchers for (joint?) yoga classes, massages, or for an Ayurvedic consultation.

Yogic Jewelry

Pendants with Om symbols, rings with healing stones, bracelets with mantra engraving – there is now a huge selection of beautiful jewelry with a yogic or spiritual connection. Pleasant side effect: Whenever the gift recipient wears the jewelry, the person will think of you 😊

High-quality bath additives

A nice, long bubble bath is a luxurious form of self-care, and self-care is writ large in yoga. Basking in warm, fragrant water for a while isn’t just good for the soul. Those who practice physically demanding yoga also appreciate the effect of a warm bath on the muscles. Giving someone a bath additive is giving the gift of well-being. Take your cue from the favorite scents of the person you’re gifting and choose a high-quality bath salt or a pretty bath bomb or praline.

Do you have any other yogic gift ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments!

I wish you a lot of fun with gift giving 😊

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