Empowerment through ThetaHealing®: Insights from Mentor and Teacher, Tina

My guest today is the lovely Tina: a source of inspiration, facilitator, mentor for consciousness and ThetaHealing® teacher. She has completed numerous classical and spiritual training courses along the way, such as social psychology, alternative practitioner psychotherapy, energy work, systemic coaching, NLP, spiritual coaching, breathing training, bodywork, and meditation. Now the ThetaHealing® technique is at the heart of her work. In addition to individual sessions, she also offers training courses and seminars.

Dear Tina, welcome! We have an exciting topic today, namely ThetaHealing®. Before we go into more detail about what it is and what it can do, why don’t you tell us how you came to it?

For a long time, my life felt like a struggle, and I was constantly searching. Why am I here? What voice is speaking inside me? What is really for me?

When I started working with ThetaHealing®, I discovered elements I was already familiar with from meditation, hypnosis, brain research, NLP, prayer, quantum healing and also shamanic treatment methods. When I booked my first basic seminar, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would be a meditation seminar that would enrich my training as a meditation teacher. But it was much more!

My very first contact with ThetaHealing with the wonderful Ana Meier gave me a deep feeling of “I have finally arrived home”. I am currently focusing on individual trainings and sessions and am accompanying the mentoring program “changinglifes”, which extends over 12 weeks.

Safe Space: Where the magic happens.

What does ThetaHealing® mean to you today?

For me, ThetaHealing® is the fastest and most direct way to show other people how they can actively influence their lives.

That sounds really nice. Let’s take a look at the basics: What is the ThetaHealing® technique and how does it work?

ThetaHealing® is a gift to us, with which we can cleanse and heal our body, mind and soul and find our inner potential. This method works through a special meditation technique that is so powerful and profound that healing can take place.

This technique was developed in 1995 by the American Vianna Stibal. ThetaHealing® is a complement to conventional medicine and is taught and used in conjunction with it.

We use the theta waves in our brain to access information and emotions.

What does that mean exactly?

We all have 5 main frequencies in the brain, one of which is always more dominant depending on the situation. Theta waves are active during hypnosis, the transition to sleep or very deep meditation.

Scientists have found that this frequency reduces stress and promotes relaxation. It can alleviate anxiety and supports mental clarity and creative thinking. It also inhibits pain and promotes euphoria.

And this is the frequency that the brain switches to during ThetaHealing®?

Exactly. In this way you can connect with what others call the “Higher Self”, God, the Field, the Universe or the Creator – as your heart believes it feels. We promote your inner healing by identifying your limiting beliefs and convictions together, deleting and dissolving them and replacing them with new, empowering, powerful and positive beliefs.

For which issues can this method be helpful?

ThetaHealing® can help with all life issues that limit or hinder you.

These can be fears and stress, relationship issues, trauma, realization, finding your life’s purpose, but also pregnancy and other family topics.

Family first! Tina is also a loving mom.

How does a session with you work?

First, we discuss your concerns and your desire for change together. Through an intuitive reading of your energy body and holistic observation, I am able to guide you to the core of your issue. I will ask you various questions about your issue. 

We create a common vibrational field through which deep-seated blockages and belief patterns can be dissolved, body and soul harmonized, and hidden potentials can unfold.

The theta state, which corresponds to our dream consciousness, allows us to directly access the areas of your unconscious that make up 95% of our identity and behavior.

If we pursue the intention of intuitively receiving an image in this brainwave frequency that contains all the information to solve a certain psychodynamic, a real treasure rises up. You are allowed to understand and recognize your situation and can now bring the experience home into your conscious existence, ready to change and integrate.

Who would you recommend ThetaHealing® to?

To all people who feel: there is more to my life. To anyone who wants to understand why their world is the way it is. To all those who are ready to immerse themselves in their story without drama and are ready to rewrite it. To all those who want to gain deep understanding in order to live from the heart.

What advice do you have for anyone who would like to delve deeper into the topic after your interview?

If you would also like to offer ThetaHealing® or integrate it into your work, you should look for a Theta teacher with whom you feel comfortable and complete the basic training, which lasts 8 days. If you book a theta seminar, it should consist of 80% practice. Because only by working on ourselves can we become masters. Since 2021, I have been offering the basic training as a theta teacher myself, as well as some advanced seminars.

Thank you for the interesting interview, dear Tina!

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