Despite 9 to 5 job – finding Balance in Everyday Life

Social media channels are full of mindful routines. Numerous influencers show how they start their day or how they organize their evening. Unfortunately, these tips are often hard to implement if you don’t make a living shooting such videos. An elaborate morning routine when you have to be in the office at 9 a.m.? Exhausting. A time-consuming sequence of exercise, skin care and other routines after a hectic day at work? No, thanks.

Luckily, though, there are simple ways to bring a little more balance and mindfulness into your day, even with a classic “nine to five” job. Here are my top seven tips for doing just that:

Start your day mindfully

How you start your morning determines the rest of your day. If you start the day hectic, this feeling of being stressed will probably accompany you later on. So pay attention to how you spend the first time after you get up. Here are a few ideas:

– Ayurvedic rituals like tongue scraping, dry brushing or oil pulling.

– Exercise – how about yoga or a walk in the fresh air?

– Meditation – even ten minutes can go a long way!

Journaling – write down some things you are grateful for today. This will direct your focus to the positive aspects of your life first thing in the morning.

– Reading – Take fifteen minutes to read a good novel, an interesting non-fiction book, or even the daily newspaper.

Pranayama – Breathing exercises can make you more alert or calm you down, for example if you feel nervous about an eventful day at work.

Even just one item on this list is a good start! The main thing is not to stumble out of bed straight to work. The cell phone and social media should also be off limits first thing in the morning! You’ll be checking your email and other messages often enough throughout the day. However, the first few minutes after getting up should be all about you and your well-being. Click here to read more about a healthy morning routine.

Pay attention to breaks

Especially when the workday is particularly stressful, breaks are important! We often think we don’t have time for a break, but leaving the workplace for a few minutes, maybe even going outside for a breath of fresh air, can do wonders for our concentration. Often, after a little break, you can think more clearly and tackle the tasks at hand with a new burst of energy.

Exercise and pranayama in between

Whether it’s sitting at a desk for a long time or doing physically demanding work, your muscles will be happy if you give them some affection in between. Find a quiet spot for five minutes and do some mindful stretching. Just a few minutes is enough to relieve some tension. You can also do the exercises in the comfort of a chair, and you don’t even have to trade in your suit or costume for gym clothes. If you’re looking for inspiration for some office exercises, take a look here. Alternatively, you can leave the office altogether and stretch your legs for a bit – you’ll even get some fresh air in the process.

You can also benefit from pranayama in your workday. Targeted breathing exercises can wake you up in the afternoon slump or ease nervousness before an important meeting.

Conscious nutrition

I probably don’t have to tell you that overly fatty, substantial food doesn’t necessarily help you to go to work freshly invigorated after your lunch break. But you are not only what you eat, but also how you eat. Even if your day is stressful, try not to eat “on the run” or in front of your computer. Take a small amount of time to leave your desk to eat, don’t eat standing up between doors, and don’t read emails while you’re doing it. If necessary, take something with you that is healthy and delicious. Also, if you work in a company with a cafeteria: Ask yourself if you’re just going to eat because the cafeteria is open or if you’re really hungry. Listening to your body is an important aspect of self-love.

Appropriate balance

Having a full life outside of work is wonderful and important, but please don’t let it turn into leisure time stress! Keep yourself busy with things that provide a balance to your work day. Are you very physically active in your job? Then you shouldn’t necessarily do high-performance sports in the evening. You sit at your desk all day? Then a little exercise after work is good for you. Do you have a lot to do with people at work? Maybe you need some time for yourself afterwards. Depending on how your day went, other things will do you good in the evening. 

Mindful end to the day

It’s not just your start to the day that matters. How you end your day determines the quality of your sleep and, in turn, the next morning. Allow yourself time to leave work behind. Prepare a delicious, light dinner to enjoy. Don’t eat too much, so that your body can regenerate well while you sleep. Fill the time before bed with calming activities, such as painting, reading or gentle yoga. Also avoid blue light before bed – the bedroom should be a cell phone-free zone.

Practice mindfulness

This is something you can really do anytime. Several times a day, take a look inside and ask yourself: How am I doing right now? Be honest with yourself! Mindfulness also means being completely in the here and now. Thinking about things in the past or future only robs you of valuable energy. Therefore, allow yourself to occupy yourself only with the things that are really important right now.

Now it’s your turn! Choose one or two points that you would like to integrate into your everyday life in the coming week. Consciously don’t try everything right away, so as not to get bogged down – that way you’ll only feel overwhelmed and quickly run out of steam. Mindful daily habits should make your life more beautiful and easier, not become an additional stressor.

Then review the week: How difficult was it to actually implement what you chose? Can you already notice a positive effect after this short time? Would you like to stick with it in the future or change or add to the points?

I hope you have fun trying it out!

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