Common fears that might keep you from taking a yoga teacher training course

If you’re passionate about something, you want to share it. Yoga is no exception. Once you’ve experienced firsthand the positive effects the practice has on your body and soul, sooner or later you’ll want other people to benefit from it, too. At the same time, the desire to learn more about yoga itself and to delve deeper into its origins, underlying philosophy and anatomical aspects also becomes stronger. Since such details are rarely taught in yoga classes, many opt for yoga teacher training.

But taking the step to actually enroll can be difficult and take some overcoming. Some dream of such a training, but don’t really dare or have doubts. That’s what happened to me – and years later, I’m more than happy I took the plunge.

Here are the most common fears that might keep you from becoming a yoga teacher – and why they are unnecessary.

“I’m afraid to speak in front of people”

Do you dread lectures, speeches and presentations? You think that’s why you don’t want to stand in front of a yoga class? Then I have good news for you: teaching, especially teaching yoga, is very different from lecturing. It’s more like instructing than lecturing. The yogis and yoginis in your class are ideally with their attention inside, more engaged with themselves and their practice. No one expects you to be particularly confident, poised – it’s about relaxation, empathy, precise announcements, and pleasant adjustments.

“My practice is not advanced enough”

It is not necessary that you have been practicing for years or that you have mastered all the asanas before taking a Teacher Training. Your practice will deepen automatically with the training. At the same time, it’s not necessary that you can do all the contortions you’ve seen on social media afterwards. First, asanas are only one aspect of yoga, second, you don’t have to master, teach, or demonstrate all the asanas, and third, there probably isn’t a yoga teacher who can.

“I have physical limitations”

Whether they are significant limitations, such as a chronic illness, or minor ones, such as effects of an old injury that don’t otherwise affect you: You can definitely do yoga teacher training and teach, too. The very thing you think is a shortcoming can be your unique selling point. Many who also think they can’t practice will feel inspired by you. Those who have a similar affliction as you will benefit from your experience.

“I’m not spiritual enough”

While yoga is definitely a spiritual practice, there are enough interested people who are more interested in the physical aspect. These are the people you could reach. And for exactly this target group there will also be a corresponding training. Most providers have information events before the start of the training, where you can find out whether you feel comfortable with the atmosphere and the yoga style. Choose an offer that suits your personal preferences.

“I do not see myself in the role of a teacher”

You don’t have to! It’s perfectly okay to take the training just to deepen your own practice. Many people do that. I myself actually just wanted to dive deeper into the subject matter, but then realized in the course of the training how much I enjoy teaching. Who knows – maybe you feel the same way? And even if not, the training period will certainly still be an experience you won’t want to miss.

Are you currently thinking about getting trained? Do you have any concerns that make you hesitate? Share them in the comments!

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