Chances and challenges: My year 2023

As the year draws to a close, we are in the middle of the mystical Rough Nights – the perfect time for reflection.

I like to take time “between the years” to look back on the current year. What was nice, what was difficult, what was unforgettable? Such a review is also ideal for determining what you would like to take with you into the new year and what you can leave behind. Once again, I have looked back on my year and would like to share the results with you.

A difficult start

After 2022 was an incredibly difficult year for me, I was more than excited about 2023. The start was a little bumpy: shortly before Christmas 2022, I broke my left arm, which unfortunately meant that the New Year’s Eve plans I had been looking forward to fell through. The start of the new year was also difficult due to the injury. With my arm in a cast from shoulder to hand and in severe pain, I was very limited in my everyday life. Chopping vegetables? No chance. Making the bed myself? Forget it! Putting on socks? Awkward.

I coped well with all of this. What worried me was that I could do little or nothing of the two things that are most beneficial to my mental health: Yoga and swimming.

The beauty of yoga is that you can adapt it to your own needs. I googled “yoga with a broken arm”, tried out appropriate flows and focused more on meditation.

Swimming, on the other hand, was canceled for the time being. Last year (2022), I picked up my old hobby again after a long break, during a phase in which I was in a very bad place due to panic attacks. Of course, yoga also helped, but swimming was the real breakthrough. As soon as I was back in the water more often, I felt steadily better. I was therefore incredibly happy that my mood didn’t drop when I couldn’t go swimming. Of course I missed it, but I was still fine. 

Things are looking up

A yoga teacher get-together in mid-February at the studio where I teach was the starting signal for me to do more again after my “hibernation”. It was a wonderful feeling! I met up with people I hadn’t seen for a while, exchanged ideas with other yoga teachers and recharged my batteries with inspiration and positive energy. The fact that Maryia, the studio manager and my instructor, “outed” herself as a big fan of my blog gave me an extra dose of endorphins and motivation.

I threw myself into my plans with enthusiasm and entered a prize draw on Instagram to win a place on a coaching program for yoga teachers, which involves creating an online course to generate passive income. I had never won anything before, so I went into it with no expectations – and actually won!

In this program, I learned great, helpful things that helped me enormously and exchanged ideas with like-minded people. It was a wonderful experience that gave me a clear plan for how I want to proceed. This is an integral part of my resolutions for 2024, which you will be hearing and reading about ­čśŐ

The evil C-word

I had been spared all the years of the pandemic, but after Easter it caught up with me. I was completely laid up for a while: Aching limbs, cough, cold, fever, zero energy. I was knocked out and it took me a long time to get back on my feet. The exhaustion stayed with me for quite a while after the symptoms had subsided.

Having already been both injured and ill that year, I had an even greater appreciation for my health than before. The first few times on the mat or in the water after I was off? Priceless!

A new venture

Although I’ve loved writing my whole life, starting a blog was still something completely new for me. This year, I ventured out of my comfort zone once again and was a guest on a podcast for the first time. I spoke to Jule, the “yoga detective”, about the topic of “yoga and journaling”, a combination that I always enjoy teaching. Thank you, dear Jule, for having me!

Yoga classes

Yes, I still have my job in the hotel industry, but teaching yoga is still an important part of my everyday life. I love the way both activities complement each other.

This year, I had the opportunity to give great courses and workshops. The “Journey through the Ayurvedic elements” course took place twice, in which AyurYoga was taught under the theme of the elements. The topics of the workshops were varied: cycle yoga and Ayurveda, breathing, journaling and reflection. I am so grateful to all the participants and Yoga Vidya Frankfurt for these enriching experiences!

On January 11, I will be giving the workshop “Hello, 2024!” at Yoga Vidya Frankfurt, in which we will combine yoga and journaling together to look back on the old year and get in the mood for the new one. I would be very happy if you would like to join me!

My baby, the blog

At the start of a new year, I always get a surge of motivation. It makes me want to get started on projects close to my heart or push them further. This year, I resolved to continue focusing on my passion project, the blog, and to publish a new article every week.

I am very proud that I kept this resolution and only took a summer and a birthday break. In total, there were 48 new articles on the blog this year. I will continue to provide you with new content every week next year.

The most popular articles this year were “Old but Gold”, “New beginnings are fun” and “7 tips for new yoga teachers”.

Last year’s articles were also very popular with you, namely “Magical mornings” and “A short introduction to Ayurveda”.

This means that both information for beginners and yoga teachers is very popular with you. What would you like to read in the new year? Post your wishes in the comments!

The “Interesting people” section was new this year, and the name says it all. Since the start of the new section in February, a new interview has been posted every month, making a total of eleven. I am so grateful for everyone I have been able to talk to and for the enriching new acquaintances I have been able to make as a result.

There was one interview in particular that really caught your attention, the one with Vimala about yoga teacher training. Thank you for sharing your insights with us, Vimala!

Outlook for 2024

As already mentioned, there will be lots of new articles and encounters with interesting people in 2024. There will also be two new sections: Spirituality and Playlist of the Month.

Under Spirituality, you will regularly find interesting facts about healing stones, oracle cards and much more.

Each month, I also put together a playlist on a specific yogic or Ayurvedic theme.

After spending a vacation that was enriching in every respect this year, I would like to experience an equally relaxing and inspiring break next year. I don’t know where I’m going yet, but there are a few destinations on my wish list.

In addition to my time on the mat, I would also like to spend a lot of time in the water again in 2024. It is my healing and well-being element and is good for me on a level that I can hardly describe. After rediscovering this for myself last year, I’m going to the “boot” water sports trade fair in D├╝sseldorf right at the start of the new year to get new inspiration in this field too. It will be my first visit in years, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Now, I wish you all a good start to a happy and healthy new year. Have a safe arrival in 2024!

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