A holistic approach: The magic of mindful movement

Sunita Ehlers focuses on a holistic view of the body. As a yoga teacher and mindfulness expert, she attaches great importance to individuality and adapts all postures to the respective body and life circumstances. She has been training prospective yoga teachers, mindfulness trainers and meditation leaders since 2015 and Mindful Movement Trainers since 2022. And it was precisely this topic – Mindful Movement – that I talked to her about.

Dear Sunita, we know mindfulness and we know movement. What exactly does “Mindful Movement” mean to you?

For me, Mindful Movement involves a lot. On the one hand, it’s about the uniqueness of my body, but also about the current circumstances I find myself in. I can draw energy from postures and movement sequences. I can recharge my batteries or let off steam. I can express myself and connect my body, mind and soul. In my eyes, integrating mindful movement into everyday life is the most valuable thing of all, because it allows me to get exactly what I need from short moments.

How does this concept go hand in hand with yoga?

Yoga is Mindful Movement, mindful movement is yoga, but also much more. While in yoga we find ourselves, reconnect with ourselves, stay on our own mat and start to feel, mindful movement goes one step further. For example, it is also about being aware of emotions. Getting the energy that I need on a daily basis. For example: I’m exhausted and lacking energy; then I can get the energy I need through the appropriate movements.

Does meditation also play a role?

Yes, meditation, yoga and mindfulness come together in Mindful Movement. They combine to form a whole and take a holistic view of the body, mind and soul.

What is so special about this method?

The really wonderful thing is to make the decision: how do I feel… and how do I want to feel. And then to integrate exactly that from the movements. When I’m angry, it’s okay to be angry sometimes. On my mat, so that I can deal with anger better in everyday life. Or perhaps not perceive it quite so strongly in everyday life because I have already acted it out on the mat. Of course, this can also be applied to other emotions.

Why is practicing mindful movement so good for us?

Because it is holistic. And because it is wonderfully easy to transfer to everyday life. Ultimately, it’s about learning that how I move has an effect and how I feel has an effect on my body. Emotions and the body have a reciprocal effect on each other – in both a positive and ‘negative’ sense.

Who in particular can benefit from this?

That’s very easy to answer: EVERYONE.

You also offer training as a “Mindful Movement Trainer”. How did that come about?

Hm, that’s a little more personal. I’ve been training yoga teachers for several years now. I love practicing yoga and yet, as an instructor, I also notice that I feel powerful on some days and not on others. Adapting postures and movements so that I can practice them every day was the logical consequence for me. This is how the concept for the Mindful Movement training came about. It combines my areas – yoga, mindfulness and meditation – and is therefore more holistic and mindful than the yoga training courses I had known until then.

Who is this training for?

For anyone who wants to get to know yoga and who wants to adapt the postures and movement sequences to suit the current state of the body.

What can I expect from the training?

Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, music, community, philosophy and, of course, anatomy. Plus, Ayurveda and much, much more. It’s always a wonderful group in which I can learn how to simply be.

Do you have a tip for anyone who has never tried yoga or mindful movement? How could they get started?

Yes, just try it out. My advice would be to look at different teachers and approaches and allow yourself to simply feel. And then, when it clicks – and it will! – just keep at it.

Thank you, dear Sunita!

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