3 things you don’t expect when you get into Ayurveda

If you are a yoga enthusiast, then you have probably already come into contact with Ayurveda. After all, the two sister sciences are inextricably linked and complement each other.

The first time you’re thinking about getting more involved with Ayurveda, your hopes are probably related to your general health. You want to improve your digestion, fall asleep more easily or simply feel better overall. You may have heard positive reports and recommendations from those around you. People may have told you how much lighter, fitter and healthier they feel.

But there are also things that they probably haven’t told you. I have summarized the three most common ones for you here.

It is literally EVERYWHERE

If you’ve read up on Ayurveda, you’ve probably read that it’s everywhere. However, you may not have read that you will notice Ayurveda in even the most mundane things once you dive deeper into the subject.

The next time your colleague is lazy, you might think “My God, you have a lot of Kapha”. If you eat a spicy curry, you might think about how much this food will fuel your Pitta. If you keep alternating between taking out your umbrella and putting it back in your bag in April, you may be annoyed by the moody Vata weather.

In the characteristics of everyday things – and people! – you will also recognize the doshas or gunas again and again. Finally, when you are a little more experienced, you may already be thinking in your mind about a possible balance for the respective influence.

Your cuisine will change

I don’t even mean that you will completely change your diet, although of course you might. It’s much more likely that, in addition to salt and pepper, numerous other spices and herbs will be introduced. Fortunately, Ayurveda is very diverse and offers countless ways to spice up your favorite dishes. You will soon be adding an Ayurvedic pinch to whatever you cook to balance the doshas.

In addition to chili, cinnamon etc., you will also get to know Ayurvedic herbs and spices. This will give your dishes a whole new zest.

Your yoga practice will change

As mentioned in the first point, Ayurveda is everywhere. This means it is also in your yoga practice.

As you practice and feel how the individual exercises feel, you will be able to perceive the effects on the doshas. Over time, you will eventually adapt your practice according to your needs. Even before you get on the mat, you should think about whether you can perceive any imbalances. You can then balance these out during your practice.

Even if you teach yoga, you will probably often give your classes an Ayurvedic orientation. You have many options here: Based on the seasons, the time of day, the age of the participants… Ayurveda can be a wonderful source of inspiration here.

Are you an enthusiastic Ayurvedi? What did you notice when you started looking into the subject? Share it in the comments!

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